RTB 2008-01 Free

We specialize in creating original web templates designed especially for the Expression Web and FrontPage programs. Each web template is a complete, pre-designed web site with common starter pages in an easy .zip package. View our Getting Started page for more details and tutorial information.

What's Included?

Building it Better:

All of our templates are designed with clean code to make use of the latest web standards and accessibility features. This ensures that your web site will work in today's web browsers. Each template uses legally-licensed images from some of the leading image providers. We offer a wide selection of quality designs at a small price. You don't have to spend a fortune on your web presence; you will just look like you did.

Template Information:

This template uses CSS positioning to designate the page layout design. Each DIV has a CSS class applied to it which determines the font, size, color, and more. While this template is not difficult to work with, we recommend that you be familiar with the basic levels of HTML and CSS.