Custom CD's are here at your fingertips! You pick the songs, provide the pictures, and your custom CD is on the way. Great for all your special occasions!

How To Order:

  1. Send your e-mail request to Doodies CD Shop. Be sure to include the following information:


    Your name


    Daytime phone number


    Date of event


    Type of event


    Number of CD's you plan to order (see Pricing below)


    Any special requirements

We will contact you by e-mail or by phone to coordinate your project as soon as possible.

Next Steps:

  1. Compile list of songs for CD (80 minutes max - approx. 16 songs, depending on length of songs).

  2. Select 6 or more HIGH quality photographs for insert, cover, and case (optional).

  3. Provide a thank you, poem, or writing of your choice for the inner insert (optional).

  4. 50% deposit will be required to start project.


Master Copy:         $25.00 (Set-up Fee)

CD's         :             25                   $7.00 each                        $175.00
                                50                   $6.00 each                        $300.00
                              100                   $5.00 each                        $500.00
                              200                   $4.00 each                        $800.00

Deduct $1 per copy for orders placed at least 3 months in advance.


BBEA Dion & Geneva Danielle & Tony
Dawson-George Huey & Leaonna Jerome & Angie


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